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I worry and think the worst when my kid says they have lingering pain and know a doctor visit is necessary.Then Dr Greenbaum examines my daughter (gymnast) and with the quickest exam has already pinpointed the exact problem.He does continue to exam more but what a fast diagnosis.This has happened 3X already.The man knows his stuff.Her issues really seem strange…like shoulder ache from running? knee pain from uneven leg muscles? sore calves from shin splints? but they were accurate. A few trips to PT and we’ve almost forgotten about it.Dr Greenbaum also has a wonderful bedside manner, has learned to explain this in layman’s terms and answers any questions we may have. The front desk is friendly, polite and helpful.

– Shirley L.

I went to Dr Greenbaum for a second opinion on a shoulder surgery I needed. He took all the time needed to review my MRI and history, and answered all my questions. He was very thorough with understanding and explaining my case and provided me with the peace of minded I was looking for. Thank you for being so wonderful Dr Greenbaum.

– Marie M.

My husbands job usually means injuries unfortunately but ever since we have found Dr. Greenbaum we feel at ease that he has the best care around.I have referred several friends to him as well and everyone has had great experiences as well.

– Paige C.

Dr. Greenbaum performed my ACL reconstruction/Meniscus surgery in May and I couldn’t be happier.This was my first time having any sort of surgery and I researched every orthopedic surgeon in Orange County before coming to Dr. Greenbaum.I initially planned to meet with a few surgeons but I felt so comfortable with him that I scheduled my surgery asap.I’m now 6 weeks post-op and everything is going great.He’s extremely knowledgeable and thorough.It’s great when you truly feel like a surgeon has your best interests in mind in every decision he makes.I could not recommend him more

– Steve H.

***THE BEST ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON****I highly recommend Dr. Greenbaum.Finally, an orthopedic surgeon that’s not interested in always pushing for surgery. I’ve been having knee issues for years and finally found out that I don’t have any cartilage left behind the left knee so I opted for Stem Cell. While chatting in the waiting area with his patients, they were telling me how they weren’t able to walk without a cane or a walker prior to having stem cell. And now they walk without a cane and Walker so I decided to go for it. It’s only my first month and it takes awhile for it to work so I am hoping to have excellent results from this. We’ve had some of my friends from my mountain biking Meetup that has gone to Dr. Greenbaum when they tore their rotator cuff or did something to their shoulder or knees that required surgery. Years later they’ve had no complications and full range of motion and have been very pleased as well..

– Tasja W.

Dr. Greenbaum was professional, attentive and thorough during my recent appointment.He offered several options for the next steps in my care, as well as suggestions and modifications for my regular exercise and recovery regimen. The office staff was also welcoming, professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Dr. Greenbaum to anyone looking for an orthopedic surgeon.

– Polly V.

I hurt my rotator cuff some time ago and did not realize it… finally went looking for recommendations, for a good Ortho. I found him on yelp, I got an appointment easily, he really knows his stuff and recommended a good place for physical therapy my insurance would pay for… so far I like that place too.

– Bob B.

My name is Fatemeh,I met Dr Bradley Greenbaum on 1-23-18 for my knee, he spend time to explain everything about my knee.My previous dr told me I need surgery I was so scared. But Dr Greenbaum said I don’t need surgery,I have found my new orthopedist,he is one of the best doctors I have ever been to, I would highly recommend him to everyone, and staff are very friendly and nice.Thank you Dr Gree

– Fatemeh N.

I would highly recommend Dr. Greenbaum to my family and friends.I went to see him for a problem I was having with my knee.I happily found him to be a man of great experience in orthopedics and he had the wisdom and intelligence that goes with it to make me totally confident in what he had to say. He and his staff were friendly and very well organized. The office was nicely decorated, clean and spacious.I could tell that he truly cared about helping me and was able explained very clearly what my knee problem was and gave me many helpful suggestions on things that I could do to improve my situation.I also found him to be very honest and he did not try to sell me anything.He addressed the problem after he reviewed all of the results of the thorough exam that was done.I could not be happier with my experience in his office!

– Carol M.

Woke up with excruciating pain on my right shoulder that I could not move my arm at all.I went to Newport Orthopaedics had my X-ray & MRI taken. They gave me steroids meds for 6 days for the inflammation & pain. Prescribed 6 weeks of physical therapy. Follow up to see doctor Gazzaniga 2 weeks later.I was waiting 45 min out front and Dr. Gazzaniga only spent 5 min and said I don’t need surgery & just do PT.If I still have pain, then he would do cortesion shots. No explanation of what I have & why.I wanted 2nd opinion so I made an appointment to see Dr. Greenbaum.I waited only 5 min out front. Dr. Greenbaum took the time to review and explained in detail of my symptoms based on the MRI & his testing of my arms movements. He explained that I have calcific Tendonitis but my really issue is the bursitis is thinning due to my weak muscles.Conclusion is no surgery needed but I need to strengthen my muscles so physical therapy is needed for 6 weeks and continue with my exercise. The cortesone shot only helps my pain & inflammation but with weaken muscles, I will still get the pain.Dr. Greenbaum is caring & taking the time to explain in detail of my symptoms & why I have it & what I need to do to avoid the symptoms.

– T N.

Dr. Greenbaum is the best arthroscopic surgeon in Orange County.He is super friendly, highly skilled, very knowledgeable, and compassionate. Knee, hip, or shoulder pain are his specialties.There is also an awesome physical therapist right on site.Mark Allen.The close relationship adds an extra layer to increase chance of success and recovery.

– California O.

“Dear Dr. Greenbaum thank you, I have been able to visit the rest of my family on the East Coast, and also enjoy the “sights””

– Rhiannon S.

“When I have my appointments with you I have so many concerns about my knee I’ve never said thank you. I knew I was with the right doctor by the confidence and kindness you showed me. You are a man of your word also.”

– Louise J.

“Dr. Greenbaum is great. He diagnosed my problem and determined all the non-surgical possibilities for me to try in helping me with my recovery. He is very polite and listened to all my concerns and took the time to answer all of my questions very thoroughly. He is an athlete and a runner himself,so he understands the “weekend warriors” like me who are trying to stay in shape and feel great. I highly recommend this doctor!!” –

– Neysa N.

I will be recommending your practice to my family and friends.” –

– Jason M.

I’ll keep it short as the other reviews speak for themselves – I found Dr. Greenbaum and his staff to be excellent in all capacities and I could ask for nothing more.I highly recommend him.I first saw him for a third opinion because I knew something was wrong with my knee and he saw something on x-ray that 2 previous orthos missed!If you need a first, second or even third opinion……see him!

– Elaine H.

Dr. Greenbaum is an outstanding orthopedic specialist and surgeon. He is knowledgeable, thorough, and highly competent. I’d been living with constant knee pain and decreased mobility for several years, pain that was unabated even after surgery and follow-up care by another doctor. Dr. Greenbaum evaluated my situation with great care and suggested three potential courses of action (unlike the other guy, who suggested only surgery). Dr. Greenbaum performed arthroscopic surgery that treated all the things that were wrong with my knee, not just the one problem treated by the other guy. His write-up of the surgery was impressively thorough–the kind of report you’d read in a medical journal. With subsequent physical therapy, my knee feels better than it has in years.I’d also give a shout-out to his office staff, all of whom are welcoming and efficient.I recommend Dr. Greenbaum most highly.

– Mike S.

I recently had a consultation with Dr. Greenbaum because his Yelp reviews were so strong. Well, I’m joining the crowd of fans.The way he handles his patients is so refreshing.Doesn’t rush you, wants to explain everything to your satisfaction, answer all of your questions and super honest.In the end, I was sent to a specialist anyway but even after one visit, I’m a fan and would refer him.

– Krista H.

Dr Bradley Greenbaum has been my Orthopedist for about 15 years – he has seen me through broken bones, various injuries and he repaired my almost-detached rotator cuff.He is the kindest, most knowledgeable, professional and best doctor I know. He is honest about what I can or cannot do in my injured states and he fixes my broken parts. He did an awesome job on my rotator cuff and I’m back to swimming 3,000 yards a day with some butterfly in there! Everyone I know who had rotator cuff repair by someone else said they can’t do this or that: I have no limitations. Dr Greenbaum is the best!! His office staff is great, too. I can’t say enough about him and I hope he never retires, lol.

– Lorraine M.

First visit to Dr. Greenbaum How refreshing it is to have a doctor/orthopedist spend time with explaining what your physical issue is.My knee ‘fixed’ itself over the weekend and was not in that bad of shape when I saw him, but he still took the time to help me understand what happened and how to hopefully prevent.Staff very friendly as well.I have found my new orthopedist.Thank you Dr. Greenbaum.

– Ott O.

We first met Dr. Bradley Greenbaum when my Daughter needed Emergency Surgery on her elbow that broke during school recess and lodged a Bone chip in the Joint.He did such an outstanding job for her that both my Wife and I have been going to him for our Knee and Shoulder Issues.He takes the time to help you understand your options, and offers several alternatives to try to avoid Surgery.He repaired a torn Meniscus 6 years ago in my right knee and now I have a different knee problem that we are trying to resolve with Physical Therapy and are making progress.As a coincidence, I have had several friends also go to Dr. Greenbaum and all have come away with the same Positive Feedback.

– Chris H.

Dr Bradley took his time to explain my injury and recovery timeframe. Also potential issues down the road as well. The staff was also friendly and quickly responded to my questions. Would recommend you visit him if you broke or fractured anything.

– Trajko P.

Dr. Greenbaum is one of the best doctors I have ever been to.His bedside manner is amazing,he is always super honest with you and has a gentle touch.I was in there this week for a broken patella and I have been in before for other knee issues.Always super thorough and informative.I would highly recommend him to anyone that is ever in need of a great sports doctor.

– Mike B.

I want to see Dr. Greenbaum for an onset of acute shoulder pain after looking at my MRA surgery was scheduled and after my 3 month check up my shoulder is completely healed. He worked within my time frame to schedule the surgery before year end. I liked the friendly office staff and never had a long wait like most specialists. I have recommended Dr. Greenbaum to my friends and would highly recommend him for any orthopedic care that anyone needs.

– Donna S.

“Absolutely loved him! He treated my frozen shoulder, from which I had been suffering for months. I could not take it any more, and he put me to sleep and adjusted it. Working through the PT and recovery was SO worth it. I really liked his office staff and his in-house physical therapist as well. All in all the best experience one could have. Highly recommend.”

– Kathleen H.

“Thanks a lot for an excellent procedure, and very professional pre and post-op care and attention.”

– Nancy D.

“Mark, Thank you for all the help. I don’t think I could have made it through all my injuries without you! Thanx!”

– Nitya K.

“Thank you so much for all your help with my IT band. I ran the surf city 1/2 marathon with little hip issues and beat my time by 11 minutes. I couldn’t have done it without you and your staff!”

– Naomi M.

“I had an injury from waterskiing and Dr. Greenbaum was able to see me the same day that I requested an appointment! The front desk was very professional. I only waited about 15min in the waiting area and Dr. Greenbaum took his time to talk to me and check my injury. He is very knowledgable and I know he understands knee injuries and how he can help me to get back out there and enjoy my active lifestyle.” –

Dave F.

“I want to thank the wonderful professionals at the Orange County Orthopedics and Sports Medical Group. I had shoulder surgery and they were just fantastic. Even though it has been a short period since the surgery, I feel great and the constant pain is gone. I would like to recognize these individuals and Dr. Greenbaum for having such a kind and supportive team attitude. It takes a team to pull together and look good. With the help of Mark Allen in physical therapy, I felt that I had the best of care….which is hard to find in today’s mill factory style medical care! He is cut from a different cloth and takes the time to explain everything to you the way doctors should!”

– Scott F.

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